Tainted Love July 2005

I held a pre-party at my place for another show by Tainted Love, our favorite 80's dance band.


My ridiculous getup.

Rebecca, Colleen, Kelly, Adam.

Laura enjoys the food!

Ashley and Myra look at the drink menu.

The whole gang: Rebecca, Colleen, Adam, Laura, Myra, Chris, Ashley, Scott, Julie, Kelly, Cliff. Click for larger image.

Limo ride

We hopped in the stretch limo for the ride to Bimbo's.

Looking forward: Ashley, Julie, Myra, Rebecca, Kelly, Cliff:

Looking back: Laura, Scott, Chris, Ashley, Julie:

Julie and Myra enjoy the ride:

Standing in line

Ashley and Julie, looking hot as usual:

Scott's ridiculous clown shoes:

Kelly & Cliff:

At the show

Kelly & Rebecca:

Amy, Karen, Anne, Rose, Kelly:

Amy, Rose, Kelly:


Cab ride home: Laura, Myra, Julie, Ashley:

And I'm spent.

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Scott Johnson