San Diego 2002

Pics from my weekend in San Diego November 9-10, 2002. Mostly from the World Famous San Diego Zoo (as they like to call themselves).

It was raining all day Saturday so we watched football at Hooters. Here's Michelle, our waitress. She looks even better in person.

Sunday the weather was great and we spent the afternoon at the zoo. This koala was chowing down on some yummy leaves.

Cliff and Mike in front of the Rodents of Unusual Size.

Siberian snow cat. The two sharing this cage were not a happy couple. They were the size of house cats but had very puffy tails.

Sleeping grizzly bear. He had a Kodiak bear for a neighbor.

Mama panda.

Me and baby (three years old, nearly full size) panda. One more for good measure.

Something weird.

The gorillas were the best. This guy was quite active during our visit.

They take a short breather after running around.

One gorilla would beat his chest, then smack the other one on top of his head.

I just missed this big cat's face.

Well there's lots more to the zoo. This is only about half of the pictures I took. But it would just get too boring after a while looking at a bunch of pictures of animals. Even in person, after four hours we were pretty much zooed out, even though we only saw maybe two-thirds of the zoo.

Scott Johnson