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Dune has reportedly fixed this issue in 170519_1350_r11 firmware. No need for this special patch anymore.

Old Info

The Dune does not honor the Forced flag in the subtitle streams. This causes problems with movies like District 9 that depend on subtitles being enabled.

To fix this problem, run this dsf file on your Dune. MKVs that have forced subtitles will have a brief hiccup when they begin to play. This is the subtitles being turned on.

(Reported not to work on the HD Lite 53D)


Before installing, if you have any of my older DSF files installed on your Dune, remove them by running dune_service_remove_all_execs.dsf and then rebooting. Install new versions afterward.


Note: uninstall before performing any firmware upgrade! You can reinstall afterward. If you've already done a firmware upgrade while installed, uninstall, do a hard reset (see dune_service_reset_settings.dsf) of the Dune, then reinstall.

Older version

If you're running firmware older than 131224_0132_b8, this older version works better:

Creating MKVs with forced subs

Using the mkvmerge GUI, be sure to set the Forced flag to True on the appropriate subtitle track.

If ripping from Blu-ray, you can use BDSup2Sub to extract only the forced subtitles from the disc; ClownBD can automate this step for you. See Dune/Forced subtitles with ClownBD.

Check the resulting MKV file with mediainfo to make sure the Forced flag is properly set on the subtitles:

Text #1
ID             : 5
Format         : PGS
Muxing mode    : zlib
Codec ID       : S_HDMV/PGS
Codec ID/Info  : The same subtitle format used on BDs/HD-DVDs
Language       : English
Default        : Yes
Forced         : Yes

How it works

I use the magic of LD_PRELOAD to detect when an MKV file begins to play, then IP Control to turn on the subtitles if needed.

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